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About the Church of Scientology®

Human rights programs

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Human Rights:

In line with its objectives to promote religious tolerance and human rights, the Church of Scientology in 2003-SEP opened a new Church of Scientology International European Office of Public Affairs and Human Rights in Brussels, Belgium. Brussels is the home of the European Parliament and numerous European agencies. Since its opening, the Office has toured hundreds of government leaders and organizations, familiarizing them with the Scientology religion and the workable technologies of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in the areas of illiteracy, drug and criminal rehabilitation and restoring moral values. 1

On an international basis, the Church has had a world-wide campaign to promote human rights based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) for almost a decade. Despite this important document having been ratified by 191 different countries, surveys show that 90% of people are unaware of its existence. In order to raise awareness of the UDHR, the Church has undertaken numerous human rights campaigns and published a number of booklets, including a teacher's guide for schools, explaining the 30 human rights articles of the declaration. It is now producing 30-second public service announcements for television broadcast which promote the UDHR and will be aired around the world. 2

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References used:

  1. Information on the European office is available at http://www.scientology-europe.org.
  2. Information on the Church of Scientology Human Rights Department is available at: http://www.scientology.org/humanrights/.

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