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Links to other web sites about religious,
ethical, spiritual, utility, and other topics

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Links to websites dealing with religion, spirituality, ethics. etc.:

There are millions of religious web sites on the Internet. Next to retail sales, religious sites are the most common type of new websites being created. 1

We have found the following lists of religious Internet sites of interest. They deal with a wide range of spiritual, religious, human rights, medical, ethics and other topics. Also included is a link to a list of some utility sites on the Internet of interest to surfers and webmasters  .

The hyperlinks contained in the following lists are not necessarily still valid today. Hyperlinks stop functioning for many reasons. Some web sites are discontinued; others go off line for short intervals; others change their internal layout making earlier URLs invalid.

If you would like to see your organization listed in this section please Email us at: ocrtfeedback@gmail.com We do not charge for this service.

General websites:

bullet"Meta-links" and Mega-sites"

bulletDownloadable audio/video files on religious topics -- mostly free.

bulletWritten academic material on religion

Websites on specific items and news:

bullet Religious and spiritual books, ebooks and journals

bullet Religious & spiritual magazines, videos, and movies

bullet Bumper stickers re: church/state separation and religious tolerance

bulletCenters and institutes that study religion

bullet Health -- physical & mental -- including counseling

bullet The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community (LGBT)

bullet Dating services, humor, music, events, art, prayer, and games 
bulletInterfaith resources A big section

bullet Religious information sources, blogs, etc

bullet Jewelry, paintings, T-shirts, artwork, clip art, decals, cards, sculptures, poetry, candles, other religious supplies, etc.

bulletNews sources

bulletTours of spiritual and religious locations

bulletTransgenderism, transsexualism, gender dysphoria & gender identity

bulletUsenet discussion groups and forums

bulletPublic opinion polls, surveys and quizzes

bullet Other topics - web sites that don't fit into other classifications

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Websites on religious and ethical topics:

bulletThe environment

bulletFreedom of religion

bulletPeace and conflict resolution
bulletGroups A to I

bulletGroups I to Z


bulletScience and religion
bulletSeparation of church and state

bulletSocial justice, social action, morality and ethics


Groups dealing with spirituality, New Age, astrology, horoscopes, spells, mysticism, etc:

bulletTolerance, understanding & dialogue

bulletTeaching tolerance

bullet A PBS program and some YouTube videos on religious tolerance:Part 2:
Groups dealing with spirituality, New Age,
astrology, spells,
horoscopes, meditation,
, etc. with names starting L to Z  Part 3

bulletHate organizations with a religious link
bulletSummary, anti-gay groups, Christian identity groups

bulletHolocaust denial, radical traditionalist Roman Catholic, other groups

Web sites of religious and secular groups:

bulletOfficial websites of Christian denominations

bulletConservative Protestant websites

bullet Progressive & liberal Christian websites

bulletRoman Catholic websites

bulletOther Christian websites

bullet Christian search engines & directories


Muslim websites:

bullet Other sites by non-Christians or multi-faith religious individuals and faith groups 
bullet Atheist, Agnostic, Free-thought, Humanist, Secular, and Skeptic groups

Information for surfers and webmasters:

bulletCiting articles and quotations extracted from the Internet and E-books
bullet Helplful Internet websites:

bullet Information on the growth of the Internet, search engines, Internet archive, time signal, book searchers, etc.
bullet Information on computer file backup programs, screen savers, language transators, news sources, Internet hoaxes and dangers, etc.
bulletUsing LoBand, a utility program for dial-up users

For webmasters -- Tools and hints we have learned during our 19 year struggle with the Internet

bulletA List of latest computer virus alerts

bulletA List of top virus hoaxes

bulletA List of top computer viruses last month

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Latest update: 2014-AUG-06

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Reference used:

  1. Brenda Brasher, "Give me that online religion," Jossey-Bass, (2001-FEB). Read reviews or order this book safely from Amazon.com online book store


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